Circular economy

5 major benefits of joining the circular economy model

From the outset of the Industrial Revolution, societies across the world have followed a linear pattern of consumption. The European Parliament describes this as “take-make-use-dispose” pattern of growth and consumption. Increasing affluence and consumerism have resulted in enormous quantities of waste, and there is a need to break this pattern.  In contrast to the linear …

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TIPA Packaging wrapping Natoora mushrooms in punnet stacked in crates

TIPA® helps bring Natoora’s delicate produce to consumers via major UK supermarkets during COVID-19 Lockdown

Founded in London in 2004 with a vision for sustainability and seasonality, Natoora began as “the first online farmer’s market,” connecting consumers with farm-fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, cheese, and meat from all over the country. Their sustainability mission has always been clear: the health of the soil is paramount to the health of the fruit, which is why TIPA®’s compostable packaging made a perfect fit for their produce.