TIPA® has been shortlisted for the FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards in Transformational Solutions in Food, Water and Land.


London, 2019 – In the award’s busiest year since first being launched in 2005, TIPA® has been shortlisted for the Transformational Business Award under the category of Transformational Solutions in Food, Water and Land. The companies nominated are praised for their global efforts in working to achieve UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are 17 Global Goals delineated by the UN for the purpose of encouraging action in urgent environmental, political and economic matters challenging our world today.

Internationally, since the beginning of 2018, TIPA has prevented 300 tons of conventional plastics from entering the economy and eventually becoming waste.

TIPA’s goal is to find the most plausible ways to intervene in the packaging industry and contribute economically and environmentally solutions in applications where reduction, reuse and recycling don’t offer a feasible alternative. We aspire to provide a fully circular solution to the current wasteful flexible packaging market, to help protect our food, prevent food waste, prevent contamination of our organic material streams and help to return nutrients safely back to the soil.

We look forward to the FT/IFC Transformational Business Conference and Awards Dinner 2019 taking place this year on June 13 in London where pertinent global issues will be discussed in depth such as climate change, de-globalization, global health and education.