Finalist in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards for Waste-Busting Project of the Year!


TIPA® is a finalist in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards, under the category of Waste-busting Project of the Year!


London 2019 – In their ninth year, the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards have shortlisted TIPA® as a finalist among the pioneering companies dubbed as waste-busters.

TIPA is committed to busting waste through replacing conventional flexible plastic with compostable packaging, so plastic will no longer linger in landfills or pollute the environment for hundreds of years, but will biodegrade within months in a sustainable end-of-life process.

TIPA® offers an environmentally friendly solution that removes waste and creates resources, transforming a crisis into an opportunity. Waste from flexible plastic packaging has become an epidemic, littering our oceans and forests with plastic waste and micro-plastics, and polluting our air and bodies through incineration and ingestion.

Instead of flexible packaging becoming an environmental disaster, TIPA® invented an alternative which integrates into a circular economy. The company is honored to be taking part in this year’s BusinessGreen Leaders Awards.