TIPA Named one of 50 smart creators at Premiere Vision

As part of their dedication to eco-responsible fashion, Première Vision identifies 50 service companies committed to eco-design and responsible raw materials sourcing and production. Tipa ® joins dozens of companies named as ‘smart creators’ at Première Vision.

The Israeli startup Tipa-Corp was born of an observation: the agro-food industry is more than ever sensitive to its ecological impact, yet less than 1% of its packaging is currently being recycled. It therefore created the world’s first 100% organic packaging, made from orange and apple peels. Today, it is making this pioneering innovation available to the fashion industry. Tipa-Corp offers packaging made from a blend of biopolymers from sustainable harvests, which are as high quality as traditional packaging and certified compostable in only six months. They are suited for both industrial and household compost and can easily be tailored to the different needs of brands, whether in terms of appearance or feel. This is a market-leading product that could well revolutionize the world of packaging, definitively eliminate the use of plastic packaging and provide a solution to recycling issues. To adopt Tipa-Corp sustainable packaging, go to the Smart Creation platform!