“Better For The Planet” comes to Indiegogo with TIPA compostable packages




On May 24 Sheffa Foods will launch its “Better For The Planet” campaign on Indiegogo to match better-for-you ingredients with better-for-the-environment packaging!

Sheffa is using its products to introduce a new compostable packaging material – from Tipa – which is designed to break down and fully return to nature.

According to Leslie Angle, the co-founder of Sheffa along with her partner Amotz Geshury, “This is packaging made by nature. It protects what’s inside and it offers convenience. This is packaging made by man. It also protects what’s inside and offers convenience, and then it breaks down and returns to nature.”

Granola bars

A small natural food company with a big wish

“Natural food products deserve more natural packaging, says Leslie. “We humans have invented amazing things like planes, and rockets that take us to the moon. We create beautiful things, too, like art, classical music, and rock and roll. We create tasty things also. We are creative and resourceful beings, and we write and tell stories. This is our story of a small natural food company with a big, big wish.”

Leslie continues, “The devastating truth about most products we eat today is that the packaging creates a profound amount of waste. We don’t want to have to choose between our love of healthy, whole foods and our love for mother Earth and the planet anymore. We as business owners and consumers have been longing for more sustainable packaging options.”

A shared vision – making dreams come true

Serendipity can be the greatest force in the universe. As Leslie describes what happened, “By a strange set of circumstances we met the founders of a biotech startup who shared our vision for the future and we decided to work together to make our dreams come true.”

“They have the brains, we have the guts: what results is 100% compostable packaging made from bio-based materials,” says Leslie. “It decomposes in controlled conditions like a commercial composing facility in under 180 days. This new packaging material is real. It’s tested and it’s certified, but invention is only good if it’s adopted and used. Let’s rewrite the story of our busy modern lives together. Let’s start now.”

Creating better options for a cleaner planet

Leslie concludes, “All you have to do is buy some granola bars in this new game-changing compostable wrapper, eat them, share them, enjoy them. Each person taking one small step can make a big impact, like tiny raindrops creating a flood capable of moving huge obstacles. Come on let’s do this. Let’s get wrapped up together in creating better options for a cleaner planet.”

Tipa is honored to be the compostable packaging of choice for Sheffa Foods as they embark on their journey of creating “Better For The Planet” products!


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