Udea And EkoPlaza – Sustainability In Their DNA

Dry food Compressible pack

Since the 80’s, when the very first organic neighborhood store called Udea came to be in Amsterdam, sustainability has been in the DNA of the company. Beginning with the idea that bio food could be within the reach of everyone, today that idea has grown beyond one store into EkoPlaza, the largest bio chain in the Benelux countries with more than 70 stores.

TIPA by bio4pack: New line of compostable packaging for EkoPlaza

Introducing compostable flexible packaging

With a view to pack as many products as possible with materials that minimize the impact on the environment and on nature, Udea has now added compostable flexible packaging from TIPA for its private label brand to its sustainable product and packaging innovations in order to avoid food waste!

“We try to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging, “said Danny Schüttler, Udea brand manager private label. “This is the basic thought of our organization. It’s in our DNA.”

Continuous collaboration

At Udea sustainability is a continuous process in which the company partners closely with their product and packaging suppliers. “Currently, 55% of Ekoplaza products are packed in bio-degradable packages,” Schüttler explained. “The company is striving for 75%, and each year we take new steps to achieve this goal. Rice, corn, nuts, seeds, cereals and pre-packaged vegetables and potatoes are now all in bio-degradable packages. It depends on the product type and the capabilities of our product suppliers, and in the product listing process we work very closely with our suppliers.”

Customer reaction

Customer feedback has been very positive. “Nature offers us a lot, so we need to handle it with care. This is what our customers want. They expect it. Most consumers who buy our products are very aware of the environment. Price is not the most important decision element.” said Schüttler.

Bio food is now within the reach of everyone. It’s a win for Udea, their customers, and the environment. And when the packaging has served its purpose, it returns to nature to continue the cycle of sustainability.



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