Isadore Rides into Sustainable Packaging in Style

From the beginning,  sustainable cycling clothing company Isadore  committed themselves to being the most environmentally friendly -sustainable cycling clothing brand in the industry. Founded by professional cyclists and brothers Peter and Martin Velits, the company benefits from teh pair’s racing experience as well as from their determination to work towards a carbon neutral production. TIPA sat down with Martin Velits, co-founder of Isadore to find our more about their decision to use compostable packaging.

Interview With Martin Velits - Isadore

What inspired your brand to start using compostable packaging?

We were looking for more ecological than our paper packaging for some time. With the TIPA solution we found a perfect replacement for our previous paper packaging.

What challenges did Isadore face when looking for the right packaging?

To find the right partner at first place. After that it was very easy to find the right fit our us and the process was fairly easy.

What were the technical qualities TIPA® provided that helped your brand choose compostable packaging?

The TIPA team was definitely big help when working on this project. From establishing the right dimensions, design of the print etc.

As an e-commerce company, how has TIPA® helped Isadore sustainable ship their line?

The biggest improvement is of course the fact that the packaging is fully compostable. That was our big goal to move in this direction with our packaging. At the same time, the shipments are now lighter as before with our paper box packaging wich helps the environment as well.

Isadore - Packshot Digital

What have been your customers’ responses to compostable packaging?

Only positive. They definitely see the value in the efforts we have made and appreciate such initiatives.

What other sustainable technologies has Isadore invested in for their brand?

We are continuously replacing virgin plastic materials for recycled we use in our garments. We use a lot of natural fiber materials like wool, modal or tencel.

All of our suppliers we work with are are Oeko-Tex® certified. Besides all of these initiatives we are open and very transparent about how we do thing around here.

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