Major Trends from Natural Products EXPO EAST and PACK EXPO

Tipa exhibited at two of the flag ship food and packaging trade shows that took place in the United States this September: The Natural Products EXPO EAST in Baltimore from September 17 – 19 and PACK EXPO in Las Vegas from September 28 – 30. These are some of the major trends.

Natural Products Expo East is the East Coast’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event.

  1. Paleo/Vegan products or “Pegan” as it’s been coined (a paleo and vegan mashup containing no dairy, grains, or animal ingredients)
  2. Foods good for the gut including probiotic rich foods, fermented foods and products with added probiotics
  3. Foods with fewer ingredients/simple and nutritious ingredients, i.e. “Clean Labels.”
  4. Cutting back on added sugar in foods and replacing it with nuts, coconut, seeds and other spices
  5. Traditional products (e.g. yogurts) with non-traditional/savory flavors like butternut squash, carrot and parsnip
  6. Chia and flaxseeds have been the super stars in past Expo Easts, but now hemp is coming to the forefront, particularly for energy bars
  7. Pasta made from chick peas
  8. Snacks made from seaweed
  9. Fermented foods/kimchi
  10. Cold brewed teas
  11. Jerky, in many varied forms
  12. Reducing the impact of products and packaging on the environment, e.g. using clean energy and compostable packaging.
  13. Telling the back story of where products come from as well as who they are manufactured by.

PACK EXPO is United States’ premier packaging event and offers valuable, hands-on and convenient learning opportunities right on the show floor as the industry’s most recognized experts share knowledge of breakthrough technologies and the latest regulations.

  1. Flexible packaging as a replacement for rigid materials. Films are becoming more functional, economical, ecological, and in some cases, antibacterial and also compostable
  2. Sustainability efforts for materials and machines impact a range of areas, from source reduction as a result of vertical the rmoforming technology to renewable content
  3. Operational flexibility and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The expression “Do more with less” translates into shorter runs, operator turnover, cost control and maximizing OEE
  4. Collaborative designs allowing robots and operators to work side-by-side
  5. Portability and individual servings for on-the-go consumption are driving demand for multifunctional closures
  6. Retail-ready packaging, both primary and secondary
  7. Thwarting counterfeiting and facilitating regulatory compliance are central objectives for pharmaceutical manufacturers

In a previous blog we had predicted that this September would be one to remember, and it was!

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