Why do we need Bioplastics Week?…

First Bioplastics Week

The Bioplastics Division of SPI – the official plastics industry trade association, representing the third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States – is hosting its inaugural Bioplastics Week from August 22-26, 2016.

Bioplastics Week is a social media driven campaign created to increase visibility for bioplastics by driving digital conversations via social media posts that feature educational bioplastics materials including infographics, reports, and blog posts.

It will serve as an opportunity to educate consumers and the plastics industry about bioplastics. Be part of Bioplastics Week!

Consumers and companies can follow the conversation using the official Bioplastics Week hashtag #BioplasticsWeek.

TIPA Bioplastics

As the developer of the first fully compostable flexible packaging with the necessary moisture and oxygen barrier properties to meet the most stringent shelf-life standards for a wide range of products, TIPA is excited to be participating in the first Bioplastics Week.

TIPA’s breakthrough innovation allows for the first time a full replacement of currently non–recyclable flexible packaging with organically recyclable/compostable packaging.  Not only can TIPA’s packages be diverted from landfills and incineration centers but, as an added value, they can also serve as a feedstock for producing energy (eg bio-gas facilities) or land fertilizer (compost facilities).

According to Daphna Nissenbaum, TIPA Co-Founder, and CEO, “Our products have the same mechanical properties as most ordinary plastics, serving consumers and manufacturers. Consumers enjoy the same level of packaging functionality. Manufacturers get bio-plastics that meet all their manufacturing requirements and that are adaptable to their current packaging and production practices. TIPA’s IP and know-how encompass resin, multi-layer films structures, laminates, and more, enabling the creation of optimal solutions for any specific application with any desired properties. TIPA’s patented technology and strong manufacturing know-how solve a variety of issues concerning the applicability of bio-plastics to flexible packaging.”

TIPA US Bioplastic Packaging Projects

TIPA’s bioplastic packaging projects in the United States include packaging being supplied to Sheffa Foods, Recover Brands, Crooked Row Farm, and Mara Hoffman.

Commenting on these projects, Elz Hotam, TIPA VP Sales said, “Compostable packaging for fashion and food is not only a good opportunity for TIPA, but also for the fashion and food industries. The big idea here is that within a few months after the packaging ends its use it will turn to compost, a resource for the planet and its sustainability.”

Elz continued, “Equally important is the easiness of disposal for the end-user. Instead of establishing new systems, and imposing additional effort on the consumer, compostable packaging can be easily integrated into existing food waste infrastructure.”

TIPA UK launch

TIPA is about to launch its packaging to the UK market and will announce the first of its exclusive UK brand partnerships at the PPMA Total Show in September 2016.

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