Sustainability – A Major Trend In The Packaging Market


A recently released “Global Packaging Trends” report by The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), the organizers of the flagship PACK EXPO packaging conference in the United States, identifies three packaging trends that are influencing global packaging markets, namely: Recycling and environmental issues, Growing health and wellness awareness and  Increasing disposable income and purchasing power.

Jorge Izquierdo, vice president, Market Development, PMMI commented on these three trends in a PMMI press release about the findings. “These trends are affecting packaging because they’re driving consumers’ purchasing choices,” Izquierdo said. “Recyclability and reusability of packaging are dominant trends.”

The results of the PMMI report are in line with the recent report by Mintel that identified twelve key global food and drink trends for 2016, where one of the key trends called out in the report was that “Eco is the new reality.” According to this report, sustainability is evolving from being good for the bottom line to being a necessary new product development consideration for the common good. In terms of recycling and environmental issues, sustainability has emerged as a major trend in the packaging market, as many companies capitalize on conservation in their marketing.

At 29% of the global market, flexible plastic packaging is the largest of the packaging types identified in the PMMI report, which means that the plastic packaging industry’s biggest problem, dealing with flexible packaging at its end-of-life, is only likely to get worse.

ידים גדול סגור

According to Tipa’s CEO and Co-Founder, Daphna Nissenbaum, the issue of flexible packaging waste gets to the heart of the Tipa value proposition, “Our packaging solution offers a way to treat packaging like organic waste, like a creation of nature, like an orange peel. This is a new way of thinking and handling our packaging waste. The infrastructure is there – we just have to integrate into it. I believe that in the future the only place for flexible packaging will be in the food waste stream, and this is where it ought to be. Get into the compost system, decompose, and go back to nature.  Just like an orange peel. In this future world the piles of packaging we use will disappear within a short time. The world will take care of its waste. This is the legacy I would love to leave to generations to come.”

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