TIPA Offers Sustainability At The Tip Of Your Finger At 2017 PACKEXPO


With 900K net square feet, 2000+ exhibitors and 30K attendees, PACKEXPO 2017 from September 25 – 27 in Las Vegas, NV, promises to be the biggest event to date.
As in 2016, TIPA plans to be there!

“We’ll be back at PACKEXPO because it is the best show that TIPA has participated in USA, in the four years that I have been involved with this wonderful company,” said Eli Sachs, vice president commercial, for TIPA. “In 2016, we had a lot of visitors, saw lot of action, and were very happy to see that the interest in our bio-based compostable packaging is increasing.”

“Last year we saw a huge traction, mainly from converters and distributors, and hope to see the same this September,” said Elz Hotam, TIPA vice president of sales. He continued, “Most of our visitors weren’t aware of the extent to which compostable film technology has evolved, and how it has become so useful and practical for so many applications.”

“This year we will have more live examples to show and share, and we are looking forward to engaging with our existing customers, the brands and converters on these. We would of course also like to make new contacts, and engage with new leads and discuss new opportunities in light of the opportunity that our technology offers.”

Innovation inspiration

“TIPA offers quality brands the ability to differentiate their product’s offering and remain true to their core values.. I think investors or strategic partners want to see that long-term vision and the uniqueness in the whole value chain,” said Elz. “In addition to being able to see our packaging solutions, TIPA also has a range of use-cases and examples of best practice from Europe and the United States that can be used as an inspiration for food innovators.”

Digital printing delivers

TIPA’s partnering with state-of-the-art digital printing solutions will offer for the first time the ability to offer high quality, customized and cost effective packaging in small runs across multiple SKUs and super-quick turnaround time. These companies are early adopters, dynamic and serious about getting sustainability across to their consumer, and we believe in the ability to be a major force for a change in this category,” said Elz. “They want small yet diverse runs, low inventories and quick turnaround time, and certain technologies within  the digital printing space plays perfectly to these needs.”

“Combine digital printing with compostable flexible packaging, and you have the perfect synergy of good-for-you product, sustainable package, real-time turnaround times, and near zero production waste which equates to “economical,” explains Elz. “It’s all about the ability to sell earlier, and get products on the market most efficiently.”


Sustainability at the tip of your finger

“There is another important element that we have addressed,” Elz added, saying, “That is regulatory because we can produce digitally printed flexible packaging that is compostable. This adds another layer to the potential of digital printing, like the icing on the cake.”

“TIPA offers sustainability at the tip of your finger,” Elz concluded. “The technology is there; the technology is ready. It’s accessible, it’s applicable to most of your needs. Come and get it!”











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