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Podcast by EIT FOOD | Does Food Need to be Packaged?

Daphna Nissenbaum, co-founder of compostable packaging company TIPA and Archana Jagannathan, senior director for sustainable packaging at PepsiCo join Matt and Lukxmi to talk about the latest innovations in food packaging – and why now is the time to fight the plastic packaging crisis. Listen here.

Tek 4 life | Webinar

How can we manage the end-of-life of plastics? How can recycling and composting contribute to a healthy circular economy? Join Jean Pierre Rakoutz, TIPA’s Sales Director in France, who will join a panel discussion entitled: ‘The recovery of plastics by recycling and composting: mirage or reality ?’ Economie Circulaire: plastiques ècocompatibles? (The Circular Economy: Are Plastics Eco-Compatible?) Tickets here.

Innovative Israeli Start-Up Technologies in Food | Webinar

Join Julia Schifter, VP of Strategy of TIPA in an online webinar on Tuesday, 11:00 AM CET to learn first-hand from innovative Israeli start-up companies about groundbreaking products and processes in food tech. This webinar gives an insight into intelligent and innovative technological approaches and is for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies in the fields of food, food production, processing, packaging, logistics, retail, and distribution. Watch here.

Environmental Packaging Week | Virtual Panel by Packaging News

TIPA will join several events during packaging News’ Environmental Packaging Week between Monday, November 9th, and Friday, November 13th. On Monday, 11:15 AM (GMT), Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO & Co-founder of TIPA will join a virtual panel entitled “Does a war on single-use packaging lead to unintended consequences?”. On Friday, November 13th at 10:50 AM (GMT), Franz Kraus, Director of Public Affairs of TIPA will join a virtual panel entitled “How has the pandemic impacted packaging’s sustainability drive?”. Register here.

EnviroPro | International Trade Show

TIPA will be taking part in this year’s EnviroPro in Angers, France, where over 300 exhibitors will offer a complete range of solutions in response to environmental issues of industries, municipalities, and more. Come visit TIPA Director of Sales in France, Jean-Pierre Rakoutz at TIPA’s booth (No. B12) between December 8-10. Jean-Pierre Rakoutz, will present TIPA’s solutions at 11AM on December 9th, and discuss how compostable packaging can help with sorting biowaste at home.

Innovation Partnership | Virtual Roundtable

Learn about revolutionary technology combatting plastic pollution from some of the industry’s most innovative disrupters at Innovation Partnership: Innovations to Defeat Plastic. Join Michael Hanratty, TIPA’s VP of Business Development, online on Thursday, 3:00 PM GMT, for a virtual roundtable about TIPA’s compostable packaging, Terracyle’s radical recycling, and Portsmouth University’s plastic-eating enzymes. Register here.

BBIA Webinar | How to get rid of plastic pollution?

Can composting come in where material recycling ends? Julia Schifter, VP of Strategy Analysis at TIPA joins experts from Breaking the Plastic Wave and BBIA to discuss how compostable packaging addresses the recycling challenge posed by flexible plastic. Register to join BBIA’s Webinar: How to get rid of plastic waste? online on Thursday, October 13th at 13:00 PM BST. Watch here.

Sustainable Packaging | Webinar

Join Anja Tyson, US Fashion Sales Director at TIPA online on Wednesday, October 7 at 12:30 PM CET, at Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s webinar to hear about how to turn plastic packaging’s poor end of life into a package to be proud of. Find out how TIPA’s compostable packaging creates new opportunities for sustainability in fashion. Watch here.

Young AICC | Webinar Series

Join Daphna Nissenbaum online on Tuesday, 11:00 AM IDT, for a 1-on-1 interview to hear about her professional and educational background, passions, the history of TIPA, its challenges and successes. Register here.