AboutWear Chooses Compostable Packaging to Achieve Full Circularity

At ABOUT, we see packaging as an important part of our supply chain and apply the same circularity criteria as we do to our products. …

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New Plastics Economy_Global Commitment Black

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment Report 2021: Eliminating Plastic Pollution

In 2019, TIPA® became a signatory to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, and joined the global effort of moving towards a new plastics economy …

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Recycling vs. Composting:
In Search of the Most Sustainable Waste Treatment Method for Flexible Packaging

Over the past decade, concerns about plastic pollution and climate change have often been expressed as calls for a combined action, such as “Reduce, Reuse, …

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TIPA and PaperWise: When Eco-friendly Paper Meets Fully Compostable Packaging

A revolution has begun. Across the planet, consumers are ready to reduce, reuse and replace conventional packaging with sustainable alternatives. An incredible shift from contaminating …

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Plastics are Forever? Taking Action to Save the Ocean, Starting Today.

One plastic bag makes oceans of difference. What starts as a mere shopping accessory, easily ends as deadly waste in the ocean. Over the last …

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Sustainable Food Packaging – The inside story

Growing up I often wondered why there are so many problems in the world, ones that have been going on for years and years (global …

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Inspired by Their Customers; Fresh Harvest Switches to Compostable Packaging

“Our customers help hold us accountable to select the most sustainable packaging and are delighted with this transition”   Established in 2015, Fresh Harvest soon …

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5 Ways to Make Your Fashion Brand More Sustainable

The fashion industry has been long driven by consumers’ growing appetite for new, inexpensive clothes. This created a fast fashion phenomenon, often characterized by inferior …

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Can Fast Fashion Be Sustainable?

Fast fashion has become an integral part of consumers’ experience as an easy and fun way to stay trendy without spending a fortune. While fast …

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Slow Fashion Vs. Fast Fashion: Are We Resorting to Consuming Slow Fashion?

For the past two decades, we’ve witnessed the rise and injurious effects of fast fashion. The constant need to replace ongoing trends with the latest …

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