TIPA in the News

septembre 29, 2021

Follow South Australia’s lead on compostable packaging

« If we’re serious about tackling food waste, all states must take South Australia’s lead and back compostable packaging”, Richard Fernandez of TIPA Compostable Packaging writes for PKN.
novembre 26, 2021

Tipa eyes compostable future

Polls have shown that in both the UK and France, over 80 per cent of consumers want compostable alternatives to plastic to wrap their food. In order to safely transport fruit and vegetables, many of these products need to be packaged and protected from farm to table without creating harmful plastic waste.
novembre 24, 2021

Tipa, le plastique compostable

Au rythme actuel, en 2050 il y aura plus de plastique que de poissons dans les océans. Pour lutter contre ce fléau, la start-up Tipa a inventé un emballage souple et compostable qui n’impactera plus l’environnement. Springfield Agri and TIPA Corp will work together at COP26 to show that packaging choices in the food industry have a direct impact on maintaining and improving soil quality which plays a vital role in capturing carbon.
novembre 16, 2021

Tech VP shines light on global compostability expansion

« For years, we have been seeing a rise in individuals who want to have a proactive approach to their environmental footprint, particularly when it comes to their waste,” says TIPA VP of Technology, Dr. Eli Lancry, “For this reason [consumer appetite], Tipa focused its R&D efforts on creating home-compostable options for its second generation of films and laminates.”
novembre 15, 2021

Washington farm takes on plastic packaging problem

In a bid to combat plastic waste, Diamondback Acres has partnered with TIPA Compostable Packaging to package its organic cherries in TIPA’s certified home-compostable zipper bags. By moving to compostable zipper bags the farm has reduced its use of plastic by 3,000 pounds in the first year. TIPA’s compostable zipper bags perform like conventional plastic but can be disposed of using existing composting infrastructure including home compost bins, leaving no waste behind.
novembre 10, 2021

TIPA launches home compostable transparent laminate

Dr Eli Lancry, VP Technology of TIPA, comments: “We’ve created a packaging solution that really does work for both people and planet.
novembre 10, 2021

Closed Loop Partners secures PepsiCo, Starbucks and McDonald’s for Composting Consortium launch

“With current market forces and environmental challenges driving the growth of compostable packaging, there has never been a more critical time to collectively advance labeling, testing and infrastructure investments related to the recovery of compostable food packaging and food scraps,” says Kate Daly, managing director of the Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners. Consortium partners include the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, Foodservice Packaging Institute, Google, ReFED, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, TIPA Corp Ltd., University College London and World Wildlife Fund.
novembre 7, 2021

Tech TLV: TIPA’s message to governments on battling the plastic crisis

Daphna Nissenbaum, co-founder and CEO of TIPA, urges governments to take a stand against plastic producers. « The pressure comes from the public, the end consumer, so there’s one pressure coming from the bottom. And the government has to pressure those companies from the top and say they can’t use plastic, and if they use plastic then the taxes are unbearable.”
novembre 5, 2021

Campaigners say compost is an essential solution for COP26 leaders to reach “net zero”

Joining forces with international compostable packaging developers TIPA, “Save Our Soil” coordinators Springfield Agri are calling on leaders in the developed world to make capturing and composting food waste a priority, in an effort to restore soils and capture harmful carbon from the atmosphere. Springfield Agri and TIPA Corp will work together at COP26 to show that packaging choices in the food industry have a direct impact on maintaining and improving soil quality which plays a vital role in capturing carbon.
octobre 29, 2021

Ahead of COP26, meet the British and Israeli women leading a push for clean tech

COP26 will be a key moment for businesses to think – or rethink – their green credentials. A pioneering Israeli packaging company, TIPA, is helping to accelerate the shift away from the use of plastics through its trademarked compostable packaging. Co-founder Daphna Nissenbaum, a former software engineer, says: “Consumer demand for sustainable packaging is growing meteorically.”
octobre 7, 2021

Why compost is key to cutting emissions in US

Gary Robinson, Director of Public Affairs at TIPA describes the need for compost in the US; « It’s a major step toward a greener nation, but to succeed it will not only need the support of our politicians and people; it will need a change in the way we package our food, too. By switching to compostable packaging, people are encouraged to separate their food waste. With compostable packaging, you don’t have to get your hands dirty separating old food from its plastic packaging to ensure it goes in your food waste bin; you can simply dispose of the packaging alongside the food. »