TIPA Takes Home Victory Win at Seeds and Chips in Milan!

TIPA takes home victory win at Seeds and Chips in Milan!

As the ‘leading food innovation summit in the world’, Seeds and Chips is an annual event surrounding like-minded individuals from a wealth of sectors in the food industry. Seeds and Chips’ set objective is to develop better solutions around food innovation and technology in a time when population and food demand is increasing exorbitantly. The event is a collaborative movement of persons representing a critical sector of the food industry, including: private sector companies, investors, NGOs, and government officials. Even young professionals, known as ‘Teenovators’ who prospectively will shape the future of food innovation in years to come, spoke at the beginning of each lecture of their ideas and .

Of course, TIPA thoroughly enjoyed networking with interested companies and investors who were looking for a sustainable solution. Yet, one out of a slew of reasons why TIPA decided to participate in such a prestigious event was to not only learn of new and evolving ideas surrounding valuable industry components, but also to understand how TIPA’s packaging could fit as a solution for the current, and not so subliminal waste problem around food packaging. TIPA’s own Yuval Ben-Yehuda had the opportunity to attend the event and said he ‘noticed that for those who were interested in TIPA, there was a change in atmosphere when approaching the booth. Instead of brands and companies looking at TIPA’s portfolio of products to see what TIPA has to offer, they were coming to the booth asking what TIPA can offer them – as in how can TIPA acclimate to their positioning’ – i.e. established brands and companies may have a set procedure of producing their packaging, but they are open to a new solution, if the solution equals a much easier transition.

There were a wealth of companies present who offered compostable packaging options for food applications, however, many stakeholders made an effort to note TIPA was the only unique company to offer a flexible packaging solution. Following TIPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Daphna Nissenbaum’s speech, on the overall value of TIPA’s packaging for a wide spectrum of food applications, there was a new flood of intrigue and excitement from participants at the conference. It was even Stéphane Coum, the Director of Operations for Carrefour Italia, who said ‘that is what we need’. Apart from Daphna speaking, other notable speakers had the opportunity to open up a discussion pertaining to the future of food tech and innovation such as John F. Kerry and Howard Schultz. Yuval mentioned a session with the Managing Director at Google, Fabio Vaccarono, who noted consumers are more willing and open to experiment in new food technology ideas than companies currently are willing to offer – leaving a large business opportunity virtually untouched.

Overall, judges from 3M who circumnavigated the event throughout the week had to decide which exhibitors would win from a selective 10 award categories. And because of TIPA’s innovative design and technology that stood out from the rest of the exhibitors, TIPA was unsurprisingly chosen as the winner for the Science Applied for Life award. Yuval  accepted the award for TIPA’s excellence and hard work, and thanked everyone who had the opportunity to meet with him at the conference as TIPA grows in recognition and success.