TIPA in the News

April 7, 2021

Santini is using TIPA compostable packaging.

Santini is working with TIPA, manufacturers of biodegradable packaging. Santini now packages all clothing in compostable bags. The new bags feature a mix of special polymers that can be disposed of in an organic waste bin.
November 5, 2020

Avangarde France launches its first collection with TIPA compostable packaging

One year after the signing of the Fashion Pact under the aegis of Emmanuel Macron, whose first results are encouraging but must be accelerated for a real transformation of the sector, actors like Avangarde and TIPA show that it is possible to offer models more environmentally friendly, with a circular approach.
November 5, 2020

Packaging and Sustainability in a Changing Market

In this promising market, TIPA , a company that develops innovative products for the compostable flexible packaging market, has decided to invest with completely compostable solutions that are comparable, in terms of performance and appearance, to conventional plastics. The solutions developed by the company include compostable films and laminates that guarantee the performance of conventional plastic but can be delivered to composting centers because they disintegrate creating compost, just like organic waste.
November 5, 2020

TIPA Expands into Italian Market with New Hire

Annalisa Nissola joins TIPA as its first Italian sales director. She brings more than 10 years’ experience working in sales and business development within the packaging industry. Nissola will lead TIPA’s expansion into Italy, generating partnerships with players across the entire packaging supply chain transitioning to compostable packaging.
November 3, 2020

Press Release: TIPA® Compostable Packaging expands into Italian market with expert hire

TIPA expands into booming Italian compostable materials market in response to available composting infrastructure and readiness of Italian consumers for compostable packaging
November 2, 2020

The Good Goods: ON(WARD) Fashion Podcast with Jean Pierre Rakoutz

What is the role of packaging? Do we really need it in a world of express delivery? How far should we substitute it and by what? These questions were raised by TIPA, a startup that offers packaging in an alternative material to plastic, bio-based and biodegradable under compostable conditions . For this 3rd episode #TECH, ON (WARD) FASHION welcomes Jean-Pierre Rakoutz, Commercial Director of the TIPA brand for France.
November 2, 2020

Hast, la chemise éthique… avant l’heure (HAST, an Ethical Shirt Before it’s Time)

2020 marks a turning point for the fashion industry, which for the first time must respond to its environmental and social responsibility. A growing number of brands are therefore considering sustainable methods aimed at making their value chain more sustainable. Some, however, had known how to be avant-garde on the subject: this is the case of Hast.
October 30, 2020

Esprit Gourmand goes Compostable (Esprit gourmand passe au sachet compostable)

Dried fruit supplier Esprit Gourmand announces its new collaboration with TIPA, a supplier of compostable packaging, for its entire range of bulk products for palaces and hotels. The two players have successfully launched together to drive shift toward eco-responsibility, even at a time when the hotel sector is deeply affected by the economic repercussions of the health crisis.
October 23, 2020

Abel & Cole debuts new compostable packaging from TIPA

Abel & Cole connected Turf Croft Herbs with TIPA to give them a compostable alternative that seeks to keep its products fresh. According to the company, TIPA’s technology performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics, or other pollutants. Its packaging solutions also reportedly fit with existing industry machinery and manufacturing practices.
October 23, 2020

Abel & Cole debuts home compostable bags for herbs

“…finding a suitable packaging solution for loose produce such as our herbs has until now proven challenging,” Stef Sahmel, head of sustainability at Abel & Cole, said, “With TIPA, however, we’ve found something robust and moisture-retentive, keeping our herbs in fantastic condition and reducing food waste, with a material that our customers can compost at home.”
October 20, 2020

Press Release: Abel & Cole embraces TIPA® compostable packaging

ORGANIC food delivery service Abel & Cole continues to connect its suppliers with innovative environmental packaging producers, answering demand from consumers for more sustainable packaging.