Success Stories

Clothing that will last for years to come – packaging that will not
A clear, and controversial message to OLDER’s customers using TIPA’s packaging: WE GIVE A FUCK, FULLY COMPOSTABLE BAG
Atlapac’s New Home Compostable Mailers Produced Together With TIPA
With great products, comes the responsibility for great packaging
Triumphantly, Jane Dough made the shift to TIPA’s HOME Compostable & achieved a Truly Circular Economy
R&R Smith embrace TIPA’s compostable packaging for their in-demand organic apples
Fresh Harvest ‘Delivers’ on Reducing Plastic Waste in US with TIPA Compostable Packaging
MTHK Designs Unique Eco-Friendly Package for Eye Vitamins
Germinal BIO shares its commitment to sustainability with SDR PACK and TIPA
SILBO and TIPA Prove Compostable Alternatives Offer Ideal Solution for Flexible Films and Packaging