L’Estrange Drives the Conversation Forward on Sustainability in Fashion with Compostable Packaging

“TIPA was the first company to really captivate our attention on how to solve a plastic problem, and as soon as we learned of their product we wanted it.”

Will Green
Co-Founder of L’Estrange

L’Estrange follows three core design principles that revolve around one point—doing more with less. The menswear line promises versatility, longevity, and circularity for all of their designs, ensuring clothing is comfortable and easy to wear, machine-washable, made of sustainable materials and eco friendly packaging. Their essentialist philosophy drives everything about their business—not only their customer-facing products, but also their internal decisions. 

Because L’Estrange is constantly looking to reduce their use of plastic and packaging waste more broadly, they wanted a versatile, reusable, and biodegradable bag that would safely transport garments from their factories in Italy and Portugal to their warehouse in the United Kingdom.

Their main challenge was finding a company that could produce a fully compostable bag that was high enough quality that it could protect their clothing and could be reused by their manufacturers and in their warehouses several times before it would safely biodegrade.

L’Estrange chose TIPA’s zipper bag made from strong, flexible TIPA 302 film because it is strong enough to be reused several times, fully customizable, and offers safe, sustainable disposal. Their next challenge? Going climate positive by the end of 2020! Read more about how L’Estrange is driving the conversation forward on sustainable fashion with material innovation on our blog!

Want to switch to compostable packaging like L’Estrange did?

L'Estrange’s compostable choice:

clear zipper bag for food
Reliable bags with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
a roll of clear laminate film for food packaging
  • Clear permeable film
  • Home and Industrial compostable
  • Used for lamination or as a single layer application
  • Best for fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, fashion
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