Pangaia Success Story

PANGAIA wraps entire sustainable line with compostable packaging

“We are proud to say that every PANGAIA product is encased by TIPA packaging.”

PANGAIA Collective

By exclusively using TIPA® compostable packaging for their entire line of sustainable basics, PANGAIA saved the planet 39.2 tons of polluting plastic and 1.5 million polybags.

PANGAIA integrates material science in each aspect of their supply chain to control the quality and sustainability of its entire fashion line. When looking for packaging, PANGAIA searched for a solution that would protect their products throughout their supply chain—from warehouse to consumer. After careful consideration of many different packaging solutions, PANGAIA found that TIPA® answered the specifications they looked for in their packaging, balancing sustainability and innovation with a premium look and feel. TIPA® provided the design and functionality they needed.

Together, PANGAIA and TIPA® are on a mission to design for a better, more sustainable future of fashion. In addition to using TIPA® technology for their sustainable packaging, PANGAIA’s team of scientists, technologists, and designers are creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials, including organic cotton, engineered seaweed fiber, recycled materials, and environmentally conscious dyes with low water-waste. They have designed coats by replacing goose down with FLWRDWN™ made from dried flowers, and sneakers using grape leather, all of which is wrapped in TIPA® packaging.

PANGAIA chose resealable bags made from commercially compostable, two-layer laminate T.LAM 607 to package their designs before switching to home compostable TIPA 302 resealable bags.

PANGAIA’s compostable choice:

User-friendly and durable bags with or without adhesive tape strips on the folding flap.
User-friendly and durable pouch with or without adhesive tape strip on the folding flap.
Industrial compostable
Highly transparent laminate
Good moisture and oxygen barriers
Printable and sealable
Home compostable
Highly transparent film
Printable and sealable
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