Waitrose Success Story

Waitrose Duchy success story

Major UK Retailer Waitrose Introduces Home Compostable bags for Organic Fresh Produce

“We’re excited that Waitrose Duchy Organic bananas are the first of our fresh produce to be packaged in our ground-breaking home compostable bag.”

Tor Harris
Waitrose & Partners

When major UK supermarket, Waitrose & Partners committed to eliminate all unnecessary plastic, and make all of their own-brand packaging reusable, recyclable, or home compostable by 2023, they started to look for packaging alternatives that could meet the requirements of a large-scale supply chain.

After completing trials with TIPA® packaging, Waitrose was impressed to find that their home compostable film provided the shelf-life, transparency, and printability they were looking for, in the application they needed to run on existing machinery and accommodate their supply chain.

Waitrose chose wicketted open bags made from home compostable TIPA 302 film for their organic Duchy bananas, which are packed in branded, transparent bags so that shoppers can clearly see which bananas are organic, preventing mix-ups.

Waitrose's compostable choice:

Practical, basic bags stacked together with a thin metal bar (or wicket) for easy and quick dispensing.
Home compostable
Highly transparent film
Printable and sealable
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