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Help climate change save the plant by taking a job in conservation

As temperatures and devastating floods are soaring across Europe, climate change is headlining on the agenda ahead of World Nature Conservation Day. Co-founder and CEO of TIPA, Daphna Nissenbaum, explains why companies that care about environment conservation can attract the best staff, as workers become more environ¬mentally aware.

The plastic that degrades like an orange peel

We are excited to take part in this vibrant series produced by BBC StoryWorks, which tells the stories of people, across the world, creating Better Lives Through Better Business.

TIPA expands presence in North America

U.S. demand for high-quality compostable packaging solutions is growing, and TIPA is expanding in the region!
Introducing our North America team:
Michael Waas, John Michels and Gary Robinson.

Consumers are looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic packaging, and waiting for the pioneering brands that see the commercial and environmental opportunities in making the transition to compostable packaging for products.

TIPA ships compostable garment bags to TV productions sets

TIPA provides compostable garment bags for TV productions sets across the UK, supplied by Simply Stem, for shows on BBC, Netflix, Disney and others.
Charlotte Michel, co-founder, Simply Stem, said: “we have seen firsthand the amount of waste that is produced throughout filming. We knew there had to be more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic out there… TIPA’s garment bags are the perfect addition to our product line-up as we seek to find innovative solutions for all departments on set.”