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Israeli-based Compostable Packaging Producer TIPA Expands its Reach

Vice president of TIPA, North America, Michael Waas, explains to Waste 360 how compostable packaging materials differ from conventional plastic products, while also demonstrating the special formulations that provide the same functionalities and properties as conventional plastic packaging.

Compostable Packaging: Tipa Talks Markets, Applications

It is on the rise that TIPA’s company’s flexible packaging is gaining interest in the fashion and food industries, with Stella McCartney and Sunrays grapes among its many customers. Tipa’s VP of North America, Michael Waas, elaborates further on the topic in this interview

TIPA & Aquapak Collaborate to Meet Industry Demand for New Innovative Circular Packaging Solutions

The two leading sustainable materials companies join forces to deliver a wider range of research-led material where there are currently no workable alternatives. Together, they respond to an ever-growing market requirement for truly workable circular economy solutions, particularly within the packaging and other FMCG markets, where TIPA and Aquapak have recognised that no one material currently exists which answers all the functional requirements of the market.

How Wasted Food Could Save the Planet | Opinion

The most promising and simple solutions for wasted food and packaging lies in the problem itself: wasted food and packaging—if composted—could slow climate change and improve soil quality and quantity. When food waste, along with packaging like paper, cardboard and other compostable options, break down in composting facilities or even in backyard compost piles, they don’t produce methane, and they result in carbon-rich soil that can be used everywhere from potted plants to commercial agricultural fields.

Artisan confectioner launches new range in fully compostable packaging

Fudge Kitchen is putting sustainability at the forefront of its business with the launch of a new range of products in fully compostable pouches. These products are made from renewable resources – including TIPA bio-based film, NatureFlex cellulose and PaperWise paper, and can be composted in household food waste.

Composting is the future of fashion packaging

Fashion is still considered the world’s largest polluting industry after oil and gas, and compostable packaging is sustainability’s next frontier. New companies, like TIPA, focus on 100 percent compostable alternatives to plastic, encouraging better end-of-life for packaging.