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Apple Producer and Supplier Becomes Australia’s First Organic Company to Use Fully Home Compostable Packaging

Australian supplier of organic apples, R&R Smith has announced its adoption of TIPA’s home compostable bags to package 1.5kg bags of Pink Lady and Royal Gala apples. Leading compostable packaging supplier, TIPA, will be supplying the brand’s home compostable produce bags. While researching compostable solutions, R&R Smith chose TIPA due to its high regulatory certifications to ensure authenticity, transparency, strength, quality and food safe processing from the orchard to the consumer.

Sustainable Packaging Investment Accelerates

Tipa, an Israeli startup developing compostable, flexible packaging, including clear films and resealable bags, raised $70 million in a January venture fund, bringing known funding to date to $130 million. The company says it focused on thin film packaging in part because it has previously been one of the least recyclable materials.

Pangaia rides the wellness wave with “superfoods” launch

Pangaia worked with Hi-Food, a food tech startup in Italy, which developed Meltec, a proprietary vegetable fibre mixture that is syrup-like in consistency, sugar-free and made from upcycled ingredients. Pangaia also partnered with Tipa, an Israeli company that manufactures compostable packaging. The products will be carbon neutral, the brand says.

Sorting of compostable packaging becoming realistic through watermarking

Longstanding AIPIA member Digimarc has partnered with fellow member Printpack, a major US packaging converter, and Israeli compostable packaging specialist, TIPA on a successful proof-of-principal for a new sorting technology aimed at compostable packaging. The technology would expand consumer access to composting, say the partners. This would help to reduce landfill waste and the accompanying methane, a greenhouse gas that is more potent than carbon dioxide. Currently over half of the food waste in the US ends up in a landfill, and the US is the third-largest global emitter of methane gas.

Plastic packaging innovations receive £30 million boost from UKRI

UKRI announces TIPA as one of the winners of business-led research and development projects in compostable packaging. The research and development (R&D) projects include Tipa Corp UK’s research into the economic and environmental impact of mainstreaming compostable packaging.

Scotch & Soda’s sustainable packaging drive

Scotch & Soda is currently using plastic polybags and has already had of 1 million pieces packed in TIPA’s compostable packaging solution and continue to increase the number further for the following seasons]. By 2025, it aims to eliminate the use of conventional plastic polybags from all product categories.

Sunrays grapes get their own home-compostable bags

The biodegradable bags were developed and produced by Israeli-based Tipa. The packaging breaks down within months under compost conditions, just like any organic matter…The bio bags look and feel like traditional plastic but will “biodegrade in compost just like the fruit inside it,” says John Paap, brand manager of Jac Vandenberg, Inc. “We are confident that these bags will help retailers achieve their targets set around zero waste, plastic reduction and overall sustainability.”