TIPA Stock Offering
for Compostable Packaging

In 2020, in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), TIPA® launched its first stock offering of low-quantity case packs of our fully compostable packaging.

We feel that this is an opportunity to give brands access to the highest quality compostable packaging to suit the on-demand needs of their business. This program is utilized by premier fashion brands of all sizes, across the globe.

Standard-sized resealable and garment bags are available to brands and designers worldwide in a versatile size offering, with TIPA’s logo, choking hazard warning, and compostable messaging.

For more information, consult our packaging experts.

TIPA's Stock Program compostable packaging

Resealable bag

Fully transparent and durable compostable poly bags with a large range of sizing options. Adhesive strips allow for easy-seal and open.

Each resealable bag is branded with choking hazard warning, certification of compostability, and disposal instructions.

Standard sizing accommodates large range of garments, including coats, jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and more.



S 6” W X 6”H + 2”Flap

Case count: 2,000


S2 6”W X 9”H+ 2”Flap

Case count: 3,000


M 9”W X 13”H + 2”Flap

Case count: 3,000


M2 10”W X 15”H + 2”Flap

Case count: 3,000


L 13”W X 15”H+ 2”Flap

Case count: 1,500


L2 14”W X 17”H + 2”Flap

Case count: 1,500


XL 20”W X 27”H + 2”Fla

Case count: 500

Garment bag

The stock program’s garment bag is made from fully tansparent and protective compostable material. 

Each bag is branded with choking hazard warning, certification of compostability, and disposal instructions.

Standard sizing accommodates short, medium, and long garments for shirts, skirts, pants, suits, dresses, gowns, and more. Produced on a reel with easy-to-tear perforation.



Short 24”W X 26”H
Case count: 900


Medium 24”W X 60”H 
Case count: 500


Long 24”W X 80”H
Case count: 400

To order from TIPA’s stock program, please contact us.

Partners in Packaging

Since our launch in the beginning of 2020, TIPA’s Stock Program has provided 40+ brands and designers with compostable packaging.

As a brand committed to making products that are 100% plantable (compostable) and synthetic free, we sought to find a packaging partner with the same ethos and high sustainability credentials without sacrificing quality. One of our advisors connected us with TIPA and we are SO thankful. We are in love with TIPA's innovative, compostable packages that not only look good and feel good, but do good for our planet. And because our products are underwear, we're committed to the highest levels of freshness and cleanliness in our packaging which TIPA makes easy.

Stacy Anderson, Kent Woman

Imagining all the plastic bags we used before just living in a landfill 10 years from now still irks me. We are in a position, with loyal customers, to make this simple delivery of our product a teachable moment on how our collective small efforts can have huge impacts on slowing global warming.  I think a good portion of our customers will relish tossing these bags into their compost, and the others will at least be reminded that the environment is worth fighting for every time they receive a package from us.

Caron Callahan, Caron Callahan

One of the most exciting things about having launched a brand recently is that we were able to start with sustainability in mind and not have to undo status-quo, non-eco-friendly processes. For that reason, we were incredibly excited about TIPA’s stock program, the ease with which we were able to order it, and the final product.

Lauren Chan, Henning

"At Northwide, we combine comfort and creativity to bring people sustainable clothes that they'll wear and love. Since our products are inspired and made by nature, it would not make sense to package them in standard (wasteful) plastic material. We are very grateful for partnering with TIPA, an innovative company that shares our vision for a brighter future. We believe that there shouldn't be any other type of packaging out there other than their compostable plastic. We hope that through this, we can encourage everyone in the industry to rethink their practices and choose sustainable options when available. Together, we can make sustainable fashion the norm."

Aniela & Flavio, Co-founders of Northwide

"No Waste, No Damage is one of the core values at UNBORN. Every decision we make is assessed against that value. Partnering with TIPA was an obvious and natural choice for us. Two worlds one shared goal: developing products for safe return to nature. Doing good is not that difficult, it is just a matter of making the right decisions."

Stijn van der Spank, Founder of UNBORN

To order from TIPA’s stock program, please Contact us.