Blue Horizon Ventures

Blue Horizon Ventures is a food technology-focused venture capital fund founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs and investors Roger Lienhard and Michael Kleindl. The fund aims to support the movement towards a more sustainable food system through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The underlying mission of the fund is to support and promote a positive global impact on the environment, human health, and animal welfare.


Triodos Organic Growth Fund

Triodos Organic Growth Fund (TOGF) invests in the transition towards sustainable consumption and production, providing long-term mission-aligned private capital to leading European organic food and sustainable consumer businesses. TOGF has a diversified portfolio of companies active across the value chain, and which offer products and services that contribute to a healthy society, balanced eco-systems and inclusive prosperity.

Horizons Ventures

Horizons Ventures focuses on disruptive and technology-focused start-ups. It manages the private investment of Sir Li Ka-shing in the technology, media and telecommunications sector. Investments include DeepMind, Skype, Spotify, Siri, and Waze.

Greensoil Investments

GreenSoil Investments funds companies with transformative technologies that change how the world’s resources are used. GreenSoil’s portfolio companies enable smart and efficient use of energy, water, and land in the Agriculture, Food, and Real Estate sectors.

Chestnut Holding LLC

Chestnut Holding is the investment vehicle for Austin Hearst

Millennium Food Tech

Millennium Food-Tech is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange which specializes in investment in and betterment of companies in food-tech sectors. Millennium seeks to invest in companies which specialize in identifying and developing innovative, and transformative ideas in the food, drinks and nutrition industry.


Migdal is the leading insurance, pension, and financial group in Israel founded 90 years ago with about 2.5 million customers.

The group operates in the insurance, pension, and provident fund fields and managing approximately 100 billion USD. Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd. also operates in the financial services field. Primarily it manages financial assets (managing mutual funds and portfolios). In addition, it does market investments as well as investment banking, distribution and nostro accounts.

Meitav Dash

is a public company that has been specializing in investment management since 1979. Meitav is a stable professional company that is currently managing assets at the volume of about ILS 221 billion (correct to December 31th, 2022) for more than one million clients.