Success Stories

“Nearly fifteen years ago, we set out to create a foundational line of women’s clothing – but not at the expense of people or the environment. Sustainability is a journey. Our partnership with TIPA enabled us to discontinue the use of harmful plastic packaging – just one of the ways we’re doing our part to protect the environment.”

Laura Cramer & Starr Hout
Apiece Apart Founders

“We have seen too many greenwashed narratives and non-authentic sustainable agendas and TIPA helped us to show our audience that we put our money where our mouth is. Our packaging says it quite precisely”

Letizia Caramia
CEO and Owner

“We are thrilled that partnering with TIPA will enable us to become sustainable and eco-friendly, an important goal for the company and our customers”

Paul Unrue
President of Atlapac

“Export Fresh and TIPA’s relationship is one of commitment and passion to drive the cause of a cleaner environment.
For me, for my children’s future, and to pause the destruction of our unique Australian marine life.”

Tony Mann
Export Fresh & Petite Bouche founder

“Before coming across TIPA, I hadn’t found a suitable compostable bread bag for my bakery.
TIPA’s good service through their rep and their alignment in sustainability values sealed the deal.”

Will Jane
Owner and founder of Jane Dough

“We know that our customers want sustainable alternatives to single use plastic and we are extremely proud to introduce the first fully home-compostable package for our pre-packaged fruit. TIPA has provided the best solution for our produce, and we are pleased that our packaging now returns back to organic matter, making our products fully circular.”

Andrew Smith
Managing Director of R&R Smith