What if our food packaging was just like an orange peel, and returned back to nature immediately after its use?

Bio-plastics have been around for more than 20 years; yet they haven’t delivered on the promise of bringing the same packaging usefulness as plastic and then returning 100% back to nature, with no harmful impact. TIPA’s technology is about making the promise of bio-plastics real, based on deep technology innovation and multiple patents.

The vision behind TIPA was to resolve the challenge of creating sustainable flexible packaging by creating advanced bio-plastics materials. We envision packaging that can be returned back to nature after it is used, just like an orange peel becomes a part of the food waste stream.

A key technology requirement was to ensure that bio-plastic is as good as plastic in terms of:

  • Shelf life and durability
  • Transparency
  • Sealing strength
  • Printability
  • Flexibility

Our products have the same mechanical properties as most ordinary plastics, serving consumers and manufactures. Consumers enjoy the same level of packaging functionality. Manufacturers get bio-plastics that meet all their manufacturing requirements and that is adaptable to their current packaging and production practices.

TIPA’s IP and know-how encompass resin, multi-layer films structures, laminates and more, enabling the creation of optimal solutions for any specific application with any desired properties. Tipa’s patented technology and strong manufacturing know-how solve a variety of issues concerning the applicability of bio-plastics to flexible packaging.

The company has a strong professional team that consists of a group of researchers and PHDs, professional experts in chemistry and bio-plastics, industrial experts and food engineers.  Its team is 100% committed to make bio-based compostable plastics work in the real world and reach a mass of consumers.