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TIPA compostable packaging

TIPA® develops and manufactures a range of fully compostable packaging solutions.

Go compostable with TIPA®’s portfolio of single-ply films and multi-ply laminates, available as reels of film or made-to-order customized packaging applications for the food and fashion industries. TIPA®’s films and laminates are certified fully home and/or industrially compostable and break down in compost environments into water, CO2 and biomass, within 180 days just like any other organic matter.

Films and Laminates


Transparent Films and Laminates


Metalized Laminates


Colored Films

TIPA® packaging is available as transparent, metalized, or tinted single ply films and multi-ply laminates. TIPA® films and laminates feature high transparency, excellent sealing properties, oxygen and moisture barriers, strength, and printability. TIPA®’s  reels are designed for industry chains of supply and convert on conventional plastic packaging machinery.

Packaging applications


Pre-made packaging

Ready-to-pack bags and pouches


Flow-wrapped packaging and Lidding​

Printed reels for packing machines​

Fully compostable customized packaging applications

Each of TIPA®’s applications provide superior mechanical properties, excellent sealing for extended shelf-life, and high transparency to accommodate developed supply chains. Choose from a range of packaging applications available in one-ply films or multi-ply laminates. Flexographic and digital printing is available in multiple colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.


Fresh Produce

Packaging for Fresh Produce

Dry Food

Packaging for Dry Food

Baked Goods

Packaging for Fresh Bakery


Packaging for Fashion

Packaging solutions that best fits your segment’s packaging requirements.

Choose from a wide range of fully compostable TIPA® applications commonly used in the food and fashion industries. Our films and laminates are also available as printed reels of laminates/film and can be used on conventional packaging machinery.

TIPA® brings eco-friendly packaging solutions closer to you.

Explore our selection of high-end compostable packaging, including Films, laminates and applications, for every possible use. Sustainable, versatile, and multi-purpose, TIPA’s compostable packaging is the eco-friendly packaging solution your business needs.

From ready-to-use packaging to the pro-environment film and best of compostable laminate – TIPA provides you with the latest compostable packaging trends!

Minimum Order Quantity: Starts from 500 kg

Looking to go compostable?