TIPA® develops and manufactures a range of fully compostable packaging solutions.

Go compostable with TIPA®’s portfolio of single-ply films and multi-ply laminates, available as reels of film or made-to-order customized packaging applications for the food and fashion industries. TIPA®’s films and laminates are certified fully home and/or industrially compostable and break down in compost environments into water, CO2 and biomass, within 160 days just like any other organic matter.

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Choose from a range of fully compostable film and laminate reels.

TIPA® packaging is available as transparent, metalized, or tinted single ply films and multi-ply laminates. TIPA® films and laminates feature high transparency, excellent sealing properties, oxygen and moisture barriers, strength, and printability. TIPA®’s reels are designed for industry chains of supply and convert on conventional plastic packaging machinery.

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