Compostable Packaging
for Fresh Produce

Fruits and vegetables biodegrade in compost, why shouldn’t their packaging?

TIPA® compostable packaging is a great way to ensure lovingly-grown fruit and vegetables stay fresh from farm to table, sustainably. Pack your produce with one of TIPA’s highly transparent, durable, lightweight, and fully compostable films or laminates to ensure safe travel for your fresh produce, and a safe end-of-life for its packaging.

TIPA’s portfolio includes a wide variety of sustainable packaging to accommodate your produce’s unique packaging requirements, whether you’re a supplier for one of the world’s major supermarkets, a specialty produce provider, a vegetable co-op, or a produce box delivery service. Many of TIPA’s compostable packaging solutions are designed to run on conventional plastic packaging machinery and are an excellent accompaniment to wrap or provide lidding for compostable or recyclable punnets, trays, and more.

Practical, basic bags stacked together with a thin metal bar (or wicket) for easy and quick dispensing.
Practical, basic bags with a wide opening that can be heat-sealed.
Carrots with TIPA's compostable packaging
Practical, basic bags produced as a reel of bags with easy-to-tear perforation and top slits for efficient opening.
Reliable bags with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
High-quality flow-wrap pouches with horizontal fin or lap seal and durable seal on both ends, designed to wrap individual punnets.
Custom-sized lidding laminate that is heat-sealed to a punnet/tray for an easy-peel open.

MOQ: Pre-made Packaging – Ranges from 9,000-230,000 units per design. Reels – Starts from 500kg.

TIPA’s compostable pre-made packaging is now available in small quantities on our E-shop.
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Have Questions?

See some answers to the most common questions about eco friendly packaging:

At TIPA, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure the quality and sustainability of our products. This includes testing our films in our headquarters laboratory and sending them to organizations such as TUV, OK Compost Home, BPI, ABA, and CRE, which adhere to the highest standards for compostability.

Yes! You can enhance your brand’s reputation by using graphics on the packaging to communicate your commitment to sustainability.

Place it in a location suitable for composting, such as a home compost bin or organic waste bin, if your local waste treatment center accepts compostable packaging. The composter’s conditions will trigger the packaging to decompose into water, CO2 and biomass, eventually becoming a rich nutrient compost.

TIPA’s packaging are made of a proprietary blend of fully compostable polymers, which are both bio-based and fossil-based (yes! fossil-based polymers can be compostable too). This blend provies our packaging with a similar set of properties and capabilities of conventional plastic, so that brands could use compostable packaging for their chain of supply without compromising on quality or sustainability.