You are everyone’s sustainable choice with TIPA’s compostable packaging

You are everyone’s sustainable choice with TIPA’s compostable packaging

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Packaging inspired by nature

TIPA aims to replace polluting materials with ones that can be treated by nature, just like any other organic material. TIPA compostable packaging has the same functionalities as conventional plastics, but at the end of its life, it biodegrades, leaving no contaminating waste behind.

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Designed to break down into compost

Certified home and industrial compostable


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Food-grade compostable packaging

With TIPA’s wide range of food-grade compostable packaging, your product will look as good on the outside as it tastes on the inside. At the same time, your consumers will sure notice your brand’s commitment to reducing plastic waste.

By using TIPA’s compostable packaging for food, the freshness and shelf-life are maintained, and the food will last longer, and the packaging waste – can become a resource.

Compostable Packaging
for Ethical Fashion

TIPA’s compostable packaging for fashion offers a variety of applications,including garment bags, resealable and zipper bags for apparel, accessories and more.

We ensure that your carefully crafted apparel reaches its destination safely and sustainably with exceptional brand impact.

Bits of information

Circular solution for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is still used in an old fashioned make-take-dispose way. Though some people have adopted a circular thinking approach by sending these packaging to recycling, because most packaging has multiple layers of materials or are contaminated with food, only about 3% of them are actually recycled. TIPA provides a circular solution that works: after 6-12 months, our packaging become compost, just like any organic matter.

Dispose of your packaging easily

Encourage your customers to dispose of their TIPA’s compostable packaging just like they dispose of food -Into the food waste stream or their home compost bin.

Perfectly fits your supply chain

We design packaging that is as effective at protecting food and extending its shelf life as conventional plastics. We also create compostable films and laminates that work seamlessly in any packaging line.

Truly innovative

In order to make compostable plastic work in the world of flexible packaging, we use multiple patents aligned with the increasing market demand for high-quality packaging.