Imagine flexible packaging was just like
an orange peel…

Flexible packaging made for food.

TIPA’s packaging is just as transparent, durable and impermeable as conventional plastic packaging. It works for dry, baked and frozen goods, including fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that…

Making flexible packaging work

The good news about flexible packaging is that it uses less plastic. But 95% of flexible packaging can’t be recycled, since it is made of several layers of materials. TIPA’s technology solves this problem and enables high-quality packaging that is fully compostable, including laminates and labels.

Got a composter? Use TIPA

After using TIPA’s packaging, consumers can dispose of them just like they dispose of food – into the food waste stream, or into their home composter.

Made for the real world

We take special care to design packaging that is as good as conventional plastics in protecting food and its shelf-life. We also take care to create films and laminates that seamlessly work in any packaging manufacturing line.

Dreams need to work in real-life.

Truly novel

Our products are based on deep technological innovation and multiple patents to make the vision of bio-plastics work in the world of flexible packaging.