Lidding Laminate

Breaks down into compost
Shelf Stable

The Lidding Laminate offers a custom-fit, heat-sealed solution for punnets and trays, featuring an easy-peel design for convenience. Enhanced with optional ventilation holes for freshness and available in up to 10 colors for flexographic or digital printing, it allows for impactful branding and shelf presence. This laminate is especially suited for fresh produce, blending functionality with visual appeal to effectively communicate brand values.

Available with ventilation holes. Flexographic and digital printing is available in up to 10 colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.

Fresh Produce

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TIPA’s lidding film is compostable and will biodegrade under compost conditions. The composter’s conditions will trigger the film to decompose into water, CO2 and organic matter, eventually becoming a rich nutrient compost within 180 days. For more information on Biodegradable vs. Compostable >

Look for the TIPA logo or logos of globally recognized certificates. All of TIPA® Compostable films and laminates compliy with the standards for home and industrial composting, including TUV, OK Compost Home, BPI, ABA, and CRE, which adhere to the highest standards.

TIPA’s lidding film are made of a proprietary blend of fully compostable polymers, which are both bio-based and fossil-based (yes! fossil-based polymers can be compostable too). This blend provides our films with a similar set of properties and capabilities of conventional plastic, so that brands can use compostable packaging for their chain of supply without compromising on quality or sustainability.

TIPA’s certified home compostable film will decompose in a home composter within 24 weeks; certified Industrial compostable film will decompose within 6-12 weeks in industrial compostable facilities, according to your area regulations for industrial composting.

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