Better Pet Nutrition, better Environmental Safety

“Something that a lot of eco-brands don’t necessarily pay heed to… is packaging”

This statement by the diversely talented journalist, banker, and cat rescuer from Toronto, Ontario, Joshua Errett, emulates how TIPA eco friendly packaging seeks to change the current/future packaging standards. Joshua, along with his many interests, is also the co-founder of a start-up, Because Animals, “a superfood supplement for dogs and cats”. TIPA compostable packaging recently partnered with Because Animals for their first product that comes out this week. The food will be “packed in a compostable TIPA bag in a biodegradable cylinder” that is “100% eco-friendly!”.

With emanating excitement, Joshua continues to explain how he and his partner/co-founder, Shannon Falconer, both true animal lovers, wanted to produce a safe, animal-free and nutrient-packed pet food as healthy as what human connoisseurs desire without compromising the environment or other animals’ well-being. Shannon, who has a PhD in microbial chemical biology from McMaster University, with postdoctoral fellow research from Stanford, shares the belief that if we can desire and make more nutritious food for our pets, we can also make it in a way where we don’t have to choose between our pets or the environment – something the planet does not desire, but in fact needs.

Correlating Packaging with Environmental Sustainability

TIPA compostable packaging sat with Joshua to understand in more-depth why Because Animals decided to turn to more sustainable packaging. By taking the next step in protecting the environment, Because Animals realizes the effect packaging materials have in terms of leakage in the open ocean system. The negative effects of the use and disposal of plastic packaging materials is becoming very common. Joshua goes on to emphasize that “you hear a lot about the plastic that’s floating around the ocean…and you hear about animals ingesting massive amounts of plastic.”
This turning point in consumers’ social awareness of the environment also resonates with the producers of these products, who see the need for taking responsibility for the consequences of using unsustainable plastic. “So, putting more plastic in the world isn’t something that we (Because Animals) are going to be a part of. It simply doesn’t align with our values. If we want to protect animals, and serve animals the best way we can, putting out a lot of earth-destroying plastic is not a good way to do it.”

TIPA compostable packaging and Because Animals join forces

In short, Joshua explains how the outside of the package offered a biodegradable cardboard cylinder, it differentiated itself from the common pet food packaging, which is mainly tin and plastics. “That was the whole reason for choosing TIPA compostable packaging,” said Joshua. “We noticed TIPA products early on in our search for packaging, and we knew you were the right fit for us.” In addition, Joshua notes the package itself “really stands out on the shelf”, and it doesn’t hurt that the inside contains an environmentally friendly bag, “which is the wonderful award-winning TIPA bag.”. Each TIPA package holds 128 grams of Because Animals’ superfood supplement – about a month’s supply for the average cat, and for a dog, it’s contingent by weight – while keeping out oxygen and humidity; this allows customers to fully see the product and of course, it’s fully eco-friendly as well.
“There’s not many companies out there that are making compostable packaging. We’re lucky that we found and are able to work with TIPA”, he goes on to conclude. “The idea behind everything we do is in our name,” said Joshua. “We provide exceptional nutrition for our cats and dogs, and we do it without causing harm to other animals.”

If you want to know more about how TIPA can help your company become an environmentally friendly business, you are welcome to contact us here.

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