Macron’s Fashion Pact Can Get Real at Première Vision Paris

Coming so soon after French president Emmanuel Macron debuted his new Fashion Pact – a set of shared objectives the fashion industry can work toward to reduce its environmental impact – Première Vision Paris is well-timed to share the importance of sustainable fashion with the global industry.

Look for TIPA in Smart Creation, a collection of brands answering the industry’s need for sustainable solutions on a global scale.

At the center of the fashion world

Première Vision Paris, which runs from the 17th to the 19th of September 2019, is the biggest international materials exhibition in the world, with more than 2,000 select exhibitors and 60,000 international visitors.


Première Vision Paris, 2018

Including an innovation and sustainability gallery, it is the perfect place for manufacturers, designers, and buyers from thought-leading fashion brands to seek out innovation and change in an effort to find real solutions for sustainable issues within the fashion industry.

Looking for holistic guidance

“In view of the Fashion Pact and in view of President Macron really raising awareness on this issue, there will be a lot of visitors looking for guidance toward holistic perspectives to move their businesses toward sustainability, and that includes packaging,” says Fashion Sales Manager for TIPA Anja Tyson, who joined the company in May of this year and who will be attending Première Vision Paris for all three days.


Anja Tyson, US Fashion Sales Manager with TIPA’s fully compostable resealable bag, created for Pangaia.

“The Fashion Pact will be a topic of conversation,” continues Anja, “and from a sustainable and environmental standpoint the other major conferences happening across the world – the G7 summit, the U.N. Climate Action Summit  – there will be lots to discuss in terms of the direction of sustainability while we’re there at the show.”

Global meeting place

“Première Vision is the meeting center for the global fashion community, from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, United States, New Zealand, Australia for direction in material innovation,” says Anja.

“I’m looking forward to meeting with all of the attending brands, large and small, and addressing each of their company’s unique sustainability goals from the point of view of plastic in their supply chain,” she continued. “Each brand is developing and implementing a sustainability initiative right now that addresses the specific needs of their operation. It will be really fun to meet everyone to understand and identify how we can work with them.”

TIPA in Smart Creation

“TIPA will have a booth – #3S45 in Leather, Hall 3 in Smart Creation, a collection of brands answering the industry’s need for sustainable solutions on a global scale,” says Anja.

“Première Vision is considered the preeminent global gathering of the behind-the-scenes of the industry, from a material sourcing standpoint. The majority of visitors will be representing the design or production departments from different sizes of fashion brands, from the very smallest all the way up to the very largest.”

Green is the new black

When it comes to fashion, green is the new black. Want to find out more about the role of compostable packaging and sustainable fashion and why fashion houses like Stella McCartney, Gabriela Hearst and Mara Hoffman have all chosen to use compostable packaging from TIPA?

Meet Anja and her colleagues from TIPA at Première Vision Paris at booth #3S45 at Leather, Hall 3. To schedule a meeting, please contact


GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK sports Stella McCartney‘s resealable kraft package by TIPA

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