Why Reuseit chose TIPA’s compostable Tiplock food storage bags

Compostable Reuseit PackagingReuseit and sustainability are synonymous. The Reuseit vision is all about sustainability – in fact you could say that sustainability is in Reuseit’s DNA. There are Reuseit earth-friendly reusables for every part of one’s life and home – whether one wants to shop for top green home brands or for Reuseit exclusive eco-friendly products.

Reuseit was born out of Reuseablebags.com about nine ago because of the growing concern from eco-conscious consumers about the millions of grocery bags, shopping bags and plastic bags that were going into landfills. As Michael Weibel, Managing Director at Viva Terra Brands, Viva Terra and Reuseit, described it when we visited with him and his team this summer, “The idea was to create reusable shopping bags, and then Reuseit became so much more than that. It went from reuseablebags.com to reuseit.com which focuses around all types of reusable products from shopping bags, to hydration water bottles, and now to food storage bags that are compostable. With Reuseit, the whole brand is centered around sustainability.”

Why Reuseit chose TIPA’s compostable Tiplock food storage bags

When Reuseit came across TIPA at a natural food show they say that what struck them first was that the bags were home compostable. Also important was how clear the bags were, and that a message box could be included in the bags.

Kristina from the Reuseit merchandising team told TIPA that the message box was particularly important if the bags were used for school lunches because they offered a place where a parent could write a message for their children. Very importantly, the message box also offered a place to write notes to the teacher mentioning any food allergies that a child might have, or what the content was, or if it contained something that someone in the class was allergic to.

As Kristina enthusiastically described the potential of a clear compostable food storage bag with a message box she said, “It opens the doors up tremendously, not only just for kids at school being aware, but also for us as adults, because we pack our own lunches too. The bag is a conversation starter because it says right on the packaging it’s compostable, which we think is completely unheard of especially with home composting.”

She continued, “The fact that we can pack our lunch and feel good about knowing that when we put it back down into the ground it’s going to give us something back is amazing. It’s a great cycle that can keep going on, and it’s something that’s everlasting.”

A great opportunity

Kristina described the compostable food storage bag opportunity saying, “When you look at Reuseit from TIPA it’s major, major part of the direction we’re trying to go in. For years we’ve sold biodegradable trash bags, and those biodegradable trash bags are some of our best sellers. The consumer is definitely interested, and, as more and more consumers begin home composting, it makes total sense that we partner with a company like TIPA and start offering biodegradable, completely compostable food storage bags.”

She continued, “I think this is going to be a great partnership going forward, you know 10 years ago maybe one out of 1,000 people was composting at home, today it might be one out of 100, and eventually it’s going to be everybody. I think it’s a great partnership for us.”

Michael added, “I am very much a person that believes in sustainability, and I want to be part of what’s going on in protecting our future and protecting it for our children. Being able to use compostable bags is a big part of what’s important to me, and what’s important to my children and my grandchild. I’m sure Kristina feels the same way as she’s raising two beautiful young boys, so I think this is the right direction and I’m really excited about having this opportunity to launch these bags in the United States.”

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