Traction for TIPA at Pack Expo 2016

This year Pack Expo in Chicago was attended by approximately 50,000 attendees who toured more than 2,500 exhibits between Nov. 6 to 9. According to Eli Sachs, vice president commercial, for TIPA, Pack Expo 2016 was exceptional.

He said, “In my opinion it is the best show that TIPA has participated in the three years that I have been involved with this wonderful company. We had a lot of visitors, a lot of action and we see that the interest of our products is increasing.”

“We saw a huge traction, mainly from converters and distributors,” agreed Elzaphan Hotam, TIPA vice president of sales. He continued, “Most of them weren’t aware that the compostable film technology had evolved and become so useful and practical for so many applications. I think it was very valuable for us as well as for them to be aware of the possibilities and that the technology can capture.”

Elz continued that he left Pack Expo with “a very good and optimistic view of things,” a view that correlates with the packaging industry’s projected growth. According to the “2016 State of the Industry U.S. Packaging Machinery Report,” published by P.M.M.I., The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, Reston, Va., the value of domestic shipments of packaging machinery is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.4%, reaching $8.5 billion in 2020. More than half of this growth is expected to come from the food and beverage sector. “Growth in packaging is fueled not just by plant expansions, but also by the need to update operations, creating smarter, faster, safer, flexible and more sustainable lines,” said Jim Pittas, senior vice-president, P.M.M.I.

The TIPA Difference

Reflecting on TIPA’s product range, Eli said, “I’m very happy to see that we supply today more solutions and more possibilities to customers, and people open up and they are more educated than they used to be. It’s a process, it’s a very long process but I see it’s coming and evolving very nicely. In TIPA we are progressing as well, so we have new products and we have new products that are now in the oven and should be released this year. We increased barriers, we increased properties, we increased clarity and we emulate conventional packaging properties. To the best of our knowledge we are the only one to do that, and this is why we succeed, so it’s really exciting to be part of it. Coming from the old conventional packaging, this is tomorrow, this is tomorrow land and it’s exciting to be here.”

Elz also expressed pride at the impact that TIPA is creating and the level of appreciation that the company is getting from significantly larger players in that category, many of whom spent time at the TIPA booth. “They spent a significant time talking to us, trying to understand how we do things,” Elz said. “This gives me a great feeling of pride in what TIPA does and the industry across the board.”

He continued, “Unlike other companies, TIPA is not organized around a feed stock or around a technology. TIPA is organized around a vision. A vision of replacing conventional things with ones that are more sustainable. That vision attracts technology, it attracts film, it attracts knowledge. This makes TIPA unique.”

Elz concluded, “TIPA offers customers and partners the ability to innovate. Solutions combines with good service. I think investors or strategic partners want to see that long-term vision and the uniqueness in the whole value chain.”

Live feedback from the show floor

The videos below were broadcast live onto the TIPA Facebook page during the show.

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