Bar Wrapper

Breaks down into compost
Shelf Stable

High-quality flow-wrap pouches with horizontal fin or lap seal and durable seal on both ends designed to wrap food bars. Notable for their high durability, these pouches can be produced using either transparent or metallized laminate, catering to different presentation preferences. The laminates used feature a high barrier and excellent sealing properties to ensure a long shelf life for the packaged products. Furthermore, these laminates are certified compostable by global bodies: TUV, BPI, DIN CERTCO, and CRE, underscoring their adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Flexographic and digital printing is available in up to 10 colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.

Food Bars

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Who’s using this Bar Wrapper?

Snact’s Customers Wanted to See them Leave Conventional Plastic Packaging Behind, TIPA® Provided a Perfect solution

Optimizes flavor, universally compatible, elevates eco-conscious brewing, certified plant-based material
Tipa compostable cereal bag
High-quality flow-wrap bags with horizontal or vertical fin or lap seal, and durable seal on both ends.
Compostable pillow bag filled with tomatoes
High-quality flow-wrap pouches with horizontal fin or lap seal and durable seal on both ends, designed to wrap individual punnets.
T.LAM 106 T.LAM 607 T.LAM 608

Industrial Compostable
Home Compostable
Moisture barrierHighMediumMedium
Oxygen barrier HighHighHigh
Thickness (µ) 65-100
T.LAM 106 InquiryT.LAM 607 InquiryT.LAM 608 Inquiry