Compostable bar wrapper

Bar Wrapper

laminate Based

High-quality flow-wrap pouches with horizontal fin or lap seal and durable seal on both ends designed to wrap food bars.


Flexographic and digital printing is available in up to 10 colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.

Suggested Uses:

Dry Food

MOQ Per Size/Design:

15,000 m – for printed reels of laminate.

Bar Wrapper requires VFFS/HFFS automatic packaging machines, therefore can be ordered only as a reel of laminate.

Reel size and design is customized to order. TIPA® compostable films and laminates run on conventional plastic packaging machinery with mechanical properties and sealing strength comparable to conventional plastic sealing

Bar Wrapper can be produced from:
T.LAM 106 T.LAM 607
Industrial Compostable
Moisture barrierHighMedium
Oxygen barrier HighHigh
Thickness (µ) 65-100
Available in MatteAvailable in Matte
T.LAM 106 InquiryT.LAM 607 Inquiry
Bar Wrapper can be produced from:

T.LAM 106

  • 3-ply laminate
  • Metalized finish
  • Industrial compostable
  • High moisture and oxygen barrier​s
  • Printable and sealable
  • Thicknesses of 65-100 µ
  • Available in matte

T.LAM 607

  • 2-ply laminate
  • Highly transparent
  • Industrial compostable
  • High oxygen barrier
  • Medium moisture barrier
  • Printable and sealable
  • Thicknesses of 45-100 µ
  • Available in matte​
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