Compostable Net Packaging

Breaks down into compost
Excellent Transparency
Shelf Stable

TIPA’s Compostable Net Packaging are a practical and reliable eco-friendly alternative to pack fruits and vegetables.

These sustainable produce packaging are made from cellulose fiber, have a soft grip, and are available in 12 colors.

  • Can be processed using any conventional packaging machine
  • Strong tearproof
  • 12 months shelf life with dry storage, temperature range: -15°C to 45°C
  • Available in various diameters and roll diameters
  • Industrial Compostable (EN13432)

Apparel Fabrics, Accessories

Fresh Produce

500 kg. In units, the minimum order quantity will vary from 10,000 and up, depending on the material, dimensions, and thickness. For lower quantities of ready-made bags with Tipa branding, please visit our e-shop.

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