Compostable Zipper Pouch Packaging

Breaks down into compost
Shelf Stable

Fully compostable reliable pouches with resealable compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.

  • Available with security seal and tear-notch or perforation, for easy-rip open.
  • Available easy-carry handle.
  • Available with a hole punch for easy hanging.
  • Flexographic and digital printing is available up to 10 colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.

Apparel, Dry Food

500 kg. In units, the minimum order quantity will vary from 10,000 and up, depending on the material, dimensions, and thickness. For lower quantities of ready-made bags with Tipa branding, please visit our e-shop.

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Who’s using this Compostable Zipper Pouch Packaging?

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clear zipper bag for food
Reliable bags with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
clear net packaging for food with avocados
A practical and reliable eco-friendly alternative to pack fruits and vegetables.
Paddy straw trays filled with tomatoes
Durable, Earth-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables.
T.LAM 106 T.LAM 607 T.LAM 608

Industrial Compostable

Home Compostable

Moisture barrierHighMediumMedium
Oxygen barrierHighHighHigh
Thickness (µ) 65-100
T.LAM 106 InquiryT.LAM 607 InquiryT.LAM 608 Inquiry