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A Long-Time Fan of Sustainable Material Innovation, TIPA® Was an Obvious Choice for Stella McCartney’s Compostable Packaging

“Stella McCartney has made a firm commitment to being a responsible and modern company. By working with TIPA, Stella McCartney continues to turn this pledge of sustainability into solutions”

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers of ethical and sustainable luxury fashion. She committed her eponymous fashion label to ethical sourcing and sustainable operations when her brand began in 2001, and has pioneered alternatives to fur, leather, nylon, polyester, cashmere, and more, embracing innovation at every opportunity.

Each decision Stella McCartney makes is a symbol of their commitment to defining what a sustainable future for fashion looks like, and she is always looking to do more. It’s no surprise, then, that Stella turned to TIPA® for their breakthrough fully-compostable flexible packaging solutions to replace conventional plastic packaging in her supply chain, and for opportunities to innovate with the compostable plastic material.

In 2017, the brand committed to converting all industrial cast film packaging to TIPA® films and laminates, which are designed to break down into compost, taking a step towards a solution for the massive problem of plastic waste, and the sustainable pioneers have an ongoing partnership together.

Learn more about Stella McCartney on TIPA’s blog.

Want to switch to compostable packaging like Stella McCartney did?

Stella McCartney’s compostable choice:

stella mccartney laminate zipper food pouch
Reliable pouches with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
open pouch clothes packaging with a floral pattern white dress inside
Practical, basic pouches with a wide opening that can be heat- sealed.
a roll of silver laminate food packaging film
Industrially compostable
Metalized laminate
High moisture and oxygen barriers
Reverse printable layer
a roll of clear laminate film for food packaging
  • High clarity, barrier laminate
  • Industrial compostable
  • Best for dry food, frozen food, spices, fashion
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