Sun & Swell Success Story

Sun and swell success story

Sun & Swell Empowers Consumers to Make Better Snacking Choices with Snack Pouches that are Eco-Friendly Inside and Out

“When we learned about compostable packaging, how could we not do it? When we can find better solutions, we feel like it’s our responsibility. “

Kate Flynn
CEO and Co-founder of Sun & Swell

Soon after launching, Sun & Swell, a sustainable snack company based out of Santa Barbara, California, decided in that the packaging for their wholesome snacks needed to be as eco-friendly as the contents inside. The founders, Kate and Bryan Flynn, felt that they had a responsibility to provide an overall wholesome product – referring not just the snacks but to the package it comes in.

Because Sun & Swell’s mission is to empower consumers to make better snacking choices for themselves and the planet, the eco-conscious founders felt that creating plant-based snacks wasn’t enough. They realized that there was a big problem in the packaged-food space: plastic waste. From ingredients to supplies to finished products, the entire supply chain of packaged food companies is very reliant on single-use plastics, and after finding TIPA®, the founders felt they couldn’t continue to use plastic when they knew there was a solution out there. 

TIPA® and Sun & Swell worked together to find a packaging solution that would pack and protect Sun & Swell’s snack bites. After nine months of research and development, they chose a Stand-Up-Pouch made of commercially compostable laminate, T.LAM 604 to ensure proper shelf-life and freshness and easy-open and close for consumers. Sun & Swell have launched their award-winning compostable packaging for a few of their flavors, and are hoping to be fully compostable by 2020. 

Learn more about Sun & Swell on TIPA’s blog.

Sun & Swell's compostable choice:

Reliable pouches with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
Industrial compostable
Highly transparent laminate
Good moisture and oxygen barriers
Printable and sealable
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