Composting TIPA®

Composting TIPA® at Home

When you’re finished with your home compostable TIPA® packaging, place it in your home composter with other organic waste.

If you’re new to home composting:

Composting is one of the world’s most natural recycling systems. It describes a process where living micro-organisms break down organic matter (fruit, vegetables, branches, leaves, compostable packaging, etc.) into compost, or rich soil. 

There are lots of ways to create your own home compost, learn more on our blog!

Composting Conditions:

The temperature and humidity of your home compost will vary. Standard home compost temperatures tend to hover at 25 ± 5 ᵒC, with a target humidity of around 50%. Under normal composting conditions, your packaging will disintegrate within 6 months, and fully degrade within a year.

Certified home compostable:

TIPA®’s home compostable packaging is made from fully biodegradable materials that will completely disintegrate in home compost within 180 days. We are certified home compostable by ABA for compliance with the AS 5810 standard of compostability in Australia, and by TUV Austria as OK Compost Home.

Please do not try to recycle TIPA® films or packaging, as they are not recyclable and will have to be removed from the recycling stream.

TIPA®’s compostable packaging is not meant to be disposed of in marine environments or land ecosystems and should be disposed of in the proper waste stream where it will biodegrade into compost.

TIPA’s films and laminates are certified compostable by the following bodies: