I believe that sustainability should be the norm, not the exception

To include circular elements into every aspect of WAVE PROGRESS, TIPA was an obvious choice

Ludwig Brandt

Founded in 2022 by Ludwig Brandt, WAVE PROGRESS is an emerging German fashion brand – with a unique founder’s story: Ludwig, who had always been fascinated with design, started selling YouTube banners and 3D animated profile pictures to YouTubers at the age of 11 and designed t-shirts and painted sneakers by the age of 12. Within a few years, along with three friends, who were also keen to design and create and build – they started developing their brand: from selling just a few t-shirts to having their own pop-up showroom to now owning the brand WAVE PROGRESS, which sells garments all around the world.

From its very beginning, environmental responsibility has been fundamental to the brand’s identity. Its founder believes that sustainability should be the norm, not the exception, not a choice, but a necessity. “We are constantly learning and adapting our practices to become more sustainable, like using innovative and cutting-edge technologies”, says Ludwig. “The brand’s goal is to preserve nature and incorporate circular elements into its production methods, clothes and relationships. It’s also about creating a culture, an identity, a movement. Every piece of clothing, every stich, every design and idea we create at WAVE is a reflection of the hours spent studying design, understanding youth culture, and envisioning the future of fashion. They are products of love, hard work, and an undying spirit.”.

WAVE PROGRESS is proud to have certifications both for its organic cotton, that is made with 100% reusable energy, and for its polyester, made with 100% reusable energy and 100% recycled ocean plastic.

The brand’s obvious next step was switching to TIPA’s compostable packaging, inspired by the company’s commitment to reducing waste and its eco-friendly initiatives. Now, WAVE PROGRESS is proud to announce that all of their customers, motivated young people, who value refinement through thoughtful finishes and details, receive their garments packaged in TIPA’s compostable packaging. “Our customers have responded incredibly well to our new packaging, expressing their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the change”’ says Ludwig. “We’re thrilled by the initial positive feedback and look forward to seeing how this momentum carries forward in the future”.

Want to switch to compostable packaging like WAVE PROGRESS did?

WAVE PROGRESS’s compostable choice:

Resealable clothes bag with a santini white and blue jumper packaged inside
User-friendly and durable bags with or without adhesive tape strips on the folding flap.
a roll of clear laminate film for food packaging
  • Clear permeable film
  • Home and Industrial compostable
  • Used for lamination or as a single layer application
  • Best for fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, fashion
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