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Open Bag – Units

Film Based

Open bag units are a versatile, durable, printable, sealable, eco-friendly alternative for conventional packaging, and are well suited to pack food items like fresh produce, chilled food, meat, and chicken. Open bag units can also be produced as compostable packaging for non-food items like electronics, envelopes, notebooks, and other delicate materials. TIPA’s open bags are made from highly transparent, lightweight and durable single-ply home or commercially compostable film.


  • Available easy-carry handle.
  • Available with ventilation holes.
  • Available with bottom gusset.
  • Heat sealable
  • Flexographic and digital printing is available in up to 10 colors for customized brand messaging to achieve great shelf impact and communicate company values.

Suggested Uses:

Fresh produce, Chilled Food, Meat, Chicken, Baked goods

MOQ Per Size/Design:

Ranges from 9,000-200,000 units per design, depending on size and material thickness.

For lower quantities, pre-register to our upcoming Stock Program.

This compostable bag is available in standard dimensions or fully customized.

Available In:

TIPA 302 Transparent film

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MOQ 17,000 units


MOQ 17,000 units



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For lower quantities, pre-register to our upcoming Stock Program.

Available options

This packaging application can be fully customized to your dimensions and design requirements.

The MOQ for custom packaging starts from 500 kg.

  TIPA 302TIPA 318  TIPA 302 O
Industrial Compostable
Home Compostable
Thickness (µ) 35-80 35 35-80
LayersSingle plySingle plySingle ply
TIPA 302 InquiryTIPA 318 InquiryTIPA 302 O Inquiry
Open Bag - Units can be produced from:

TIPA 302

TIPA 318

TIPA 302 O

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