Chelan Beauty Success Story

Chelan Beauty Preserves Freshness and Taste while Preventing Waste

”We strongly believe that if smaller companies make these small changes, we can make huge strides to protect the planet and encourage the bigger producers to do the same.”

Bill Clark, Owner
Chelan Beauty

Diamondback Acres farm in Lake Chelan, Washington, has been farming organic produce since 1991, and William and Angell Clark, the farm’s owners, have put sustainability at the heart of the business for more than 30 years. They distribute produce direct to consumers online at to minimise emissions through transport. They wanted to build a small-scale food chain that focused on quality over quantity.  


When it came to packaging their crunchy, organic cherries, the brand looked for a solution that would protect the freshness of their fruit, while upholding their sustainability ethos for packaging. 


The Clark’s wanted to be the first grower, packer, and retailer in the United States to lead the way with compostable packaging. With the intention of combatting plastic pollution, their team approached TIPA, seeking a solution that considers the environmental impact of packaging. 


What they found in TIPA was that not only does compostable packaging reduce plastic pollution, it also helps maintain farm-to-table freshness and is proven to increase the shelf-life of fresh produce by up to two times. This helps to minimize food waste – a major contributor to carbon emissions. 


By moving to compostable zipper bags the farm has reduced its use of plastic by 3000 pounds in the first year. 


Glacier Fed Organics chose zipper bags made from home compostable TIPA 302 to package their cherries. 

Chelan Beauty’s compostable choice:

Reliable bags with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
  • Clear permeable film
  • Home and Industrial compostable
  • Used for lamination or as a single layer application
  • Best for fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, fashion
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