DazPak- formerly Atlapac Corporation Success Story

Atlapac’s New Home Compostable Mailers Produced Together With TIPA

“We are thrilled that partnering with TIPA will enable us to become sustainable and eco-friendly, an important goal for the company and our customers”

Paul Unrue
President of Atlapac

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Atlapapc, a flexible packaging and pouch converter have been serving its customers as best as they can for over 35 years now. Naturally, as an essential part of their continuous growth in securing their environmental goals, they collaborate with TIPA, to manufacture new Home compostable mailers, by using TIPA compostable films.

With TIPA’s globally certified Home compostable mailers, that have already been implemented successfully by leading global brands in the EU, AUS and the US, it seemed like the right fit for their packaging.

Taking responsibility for a healthier planet, the time has come to act and implement a certified solution that’s proven to work – TIPA’s flexible packaging solutions that biodegrades to compost which can add nutrients to our soil.

The composting solution TIPA uses for its premium packaging solutions, presents a new era where the packaging market offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy high quality packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and sustainable. TIPA’s solutions mimic all the traditional flexible plastic quality products, but without the plastic waste! TIPA’s bags and laminates break down within 3-6 months, when composted, and biodegrades fully into the soil in up to 12 months.

TIPA’s compostable films are certified by TÜV, ABA, Cré Ireland, European Bioplastics, and BPI to comply with the relevant EU & US food contact regulations.

All TIPA’s films, laminates, and bags, break down completely, without any toxic residues.

Atlapac’s consumers can now help to reduce the plastic waste predicament, knowing that TIPA’s innovative technology, together with Atlapac’s, are now aligned with the circular economy model, were there is ZERO waste. Atlapac say “they are looking forward to seeing the rewards of their efforts, and expanding their compostable package offerings with TIPA in the future”.

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