MTHK Designs Unique Eco-Friendly Package for Eye Vitamins

“We are currently the most planet-friendly and sustainable eye care brand in the world. This covers everything we do – from our ingredients to packaging and shipping to working and interacting with our customers and suppliers.”

Amar Radia

MTHK (Making Technology Human Kind) was founded to create planet-friendly products that keep eyes healthy every day. Together with leading ophthalmic surgeons and professors, MTHK developed a multivitamin and eye spray targeting dry eyes and eye strain, helping consumers look after their eyes for the long term. The health and beauty brand holds itself to the highest sustainability standards while maintaining a design aesthetic that reflects its values.

Like many beauty brands, what’s outside is just as important as the inside. When MTHK looked for a package for their multivitamin, they needed a material that would protect their vitamins during shipping while fitting in a slim shipping envelope, minimizing its carbon footprint and reducing harm to the environment.

They chose TIPA’s compostable pouches because their offering trumped others in convenience for their customer journey and ease of safe disposal. Equally importantly, TIPA’s unique metalized laminate offered MTHK the opportunity to create a unique design and aesthetic. MTHK’s multivitamin is packed in TIPA’s T.LAM 106 metalized laminate pouch, which they chose because of its low-volume, unique design aesthetic, and environmental benefit.

Want to switch to compostable packaging like MTHK did?

MTHK’s compostable choice:

open pouch clothes packaging with a floral pattern white dress inside
Practical, basic pouches with a wide opening that can be heat- sealed.
a roll of silver laminate food packaging film
Industrially compostable
Metalized laminate
High moisture and oxygen barriers
Reverse printable layer
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