Success Stories

Sleep Serene with Dewberry and TIPA: Sustainable Bedding Dreams are Made Of
To include circular elements into every aspect of WAVE PROGRESS, TIPA was an obvious choice.
Medhoodie: Doctors’ clothes that are both stylish – and sustainably packaged
FAR AFIELD – Sustainable Fashion from Button to Packaging
Clothing that will last for years to come – packaging that will not
A clear, and controversial message to OLDER’s customers using TIPA’s packaging: WE GIVE A FUCK, FULLY COMPOSTABLE BAG
Atlapac’s consumers can now help to reduce the plastic waste predicament, with their new Home compostable mailers produced together with TIPA
MTHK Designs Unique Eco-Friendly Package for Eye Vitamins
SILBO and TIPA Prove Compostable Alternatives Offer Ideal Solution for Flexible Films and Packaging
Universal Colours Won’t Compromise on Performance – Including their New packaging