Universal Colours Won’t Compromise on Performance – Including their New packaging

“As described on our new packaging, at Universal Colours, every decision we make is scrutinised to ensure we are doing what we can to make a positive impact. As a team, we chose TIPA because we wanted to offer a premium solution that protects new garments throughout our supply chain, yet can also return to nature in a safe manner

Inge Snook-van der Hoek
Brand Manager

Universal Colours began with a small team of cyclists who came together to create a global performance brand with strong values. They realized that cyclists see their clothing as an extension of their views and personality and created a line of cycling activewear that doesn’t compromise on originality, durability, or ecological and social responsibility.

As a clothing brand, Universal Colours looks at sustainability from a performance perspective and prioritizes progressive design and considerately sourced materials to create the highest-quality products for their collections. And while their team is constantly challenging their suppliers to create recycled or bio-based yarns that perform as well, or better, than virgin materials, they will always look at the performance of the fabrics first. They used the same logic when it came to their packaging.

Universal Colours chose TIPA because they wanted to offer a premium solution that would protect their garments throughout their supply chain but return to nature in a safe way. The brand was impressed by the credibility and accreditations associated with TIPA as well as the other like-minded brands like Pangaia that have opted for TIPA compostable packaging and felt it aligned perfectly with their objectives.

Want to switch to compostable packaging like Universal Colours did?

Universal Colours’s compostable choice:

clear zipper bag for food
Reliable bags with resealable home-compostable zipper for easy open and secure close.
a roll of clear laminate film for food packaging
  • Clear permeable film
  • Home and Industrial compostable
  • Used for lamination or as a single layer application
  • Best for fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, fashion
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