Isadore Success Story

Isadore success story

Isadore Rides into Compostable Packaging with Sustainable Style

“With TIPA packaging, we have found the right partner to help us achieve a more sustainable choice for our packaging.”

Martin Velits

From the beginning, Isadore committed themselves to being the most environmentally friendly and sustainable cycling clothing brand in the industry. Founded by brothers and professional cyclists, Martin and Peter Velits, the company benefits from the founders’ racing experience as well as from their determination to work towards a carbon neutral production.

In addition to replacing virgin plastic materials with recycled, and using natural fiber materials like wool, modal, or Tencel in their designs, when it came to packaging their clothing, Isadore wanted a sustainable solution that matched their ethos. They started looking for a more ecological option than their paper box packaging, and after searching for a solution for some time, found TIPA® compostable packaging.

TIPA’s flexible design means it’s even lighter than Isadore’s previous packaging, and their clients appreciate the efforts the environmentally-responsible brand has made with their initiatives.

Isadore chose resealable bags made from TIPA 302, TIPA’s home compostable film for its versatility, sustainability, and printability. Read more about their other sustainable initiatives on our blog!

TIPA’s compostable resealable bags in stock offering for small quantities.

Isadore's compostable choice:

User-friendly and durable bags with or without adhesive tape strips on the folding flap.
  • Clear permeable film
  • Home and Industrial compostable
  • Used for lamination or as a single layer application
  • Best for fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, fashion
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