The Happy Pear Success Story

The Happy pear success story

The Happy Pear Goes Compostable with No Compromise on Branding

“The reaction to our new packaging was fantastic.”

Chris Peare
Head of Product Marketing and Business Development

The Happy Pear started in 2004 as a small vegetable shop and a big dream by twin brothers, Dave and Steve Flynn. The brand has since expanded to several cafes, a farm, a product range, a roastery, several online courses, and three cookbooks. They have built a community of over one million people passionate about plants and healthy eating, and are the first granola brand packed in fully compostable packaging in Ireland.

No strangers to eco-consciousness, the takeaway packaging for The Happy Pear cafes is already fully compostable, and when it came time to launch their wholesale granola, sustainable packaging was a priority. The Happy Pear granola was originally packed in fully recyclable rigid plastic tubs, and although they were fully recyclable, “we don’t know what happened to them once they were taken home from the shops,” say Dave and Steve. When their customers asked for a change that didn’t include conventional plastic, they listened, and made the switch when they found the right solution.

TIPA® appealed to The Happy Pear founders because there is no compromise on branding, and their new, zipper-sealable pouches keep their granola fresh. The Happy Pear granola can be found in colorful, fully commercially compostable Stand Up Pouches made of laminate T.LAM 106.

“We have a massive online following and great customers, many of whom were asking us to give them a more sustainable way to buy our delicious granolas. It took a little while but we did it.” say the founders, “the reaction to our new packaging was fantastic.”

Learn more in an interview with Cris Peare on TIPA’s blog.

The Happy Pear's compostable choice:

Reliable zipper pouches with a stable bottom gusset and resealable home-compostable zipper.
Industrially compostable
Metalized laminate
High moisture and oxygen barriers
Reverse printable layer
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